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$300 for a $20 part and 10 minutes clean labor?

Pennsylvania has an annual inspection requirement for ALL cars. Residents must take their car to a certified station which in 99.9 percent of the cases is also an independent repair facility that will tell you for about a $40-$55 non refundable fee what is wrong with your car and what you will need to do to "pass" inspection. This typically means what you have to pay them.

I have had my car inspected four times at three different places over the last two years. During that time the car went about 12,000 miles total (less than 6000 miles a year). You can probably guess where this is headed in terms of inspection stations, the process and the cost to the consumer. More information is available using the "i" link above. There is a reason many states are just opting out of this "inspection" procedure.

The short version, one Pennsylvania station wanted $313.14 in parts and labor for a dogbone so my car would pass state inspection. You can buy the part on Amazon for less than $20. I replaced the dogbone myself in 10 minutes and could have been wearing a white linen suit doing so. And really, is the car any safer? Then again, maybe the mechanic felt he was working on Air Force One.
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The Dogbone
Just a thought, you may want to think twice about going to TiresEtc in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Oh, and I did eventually get my car inspected. I joined AAA, the largest motor and travel club in the US. The safety inspection, not including my dogbone work, $15.43. (My membership fee for 16 months though was $46 extra). Nothing's perfect. (and it does seem the engine moves more now than it did with the 'cracked' dogbone)

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