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A copper pipe behind the sink had a leak. Water dripped down and across laminate floor for several days. Plumber replaced copper with Pex(?) pipe. Horizon replaced heater and AC two years ago claiming they couldn't use original size unit that was mounted in ceiling. The (newer) water heater may require some effort to remove if it fails.
View of kitchen from entrance and dining area. The powder room and heater are on far right. Note ceiling.
Damaged sink area
sink area
above sink
When a new (larger) fridge was bought a few years ago, they couldn't slide it into place without hacking away some of the existing cabinets. They did a really nice job! Not sure how much really needed to be removed.
sink cabinetry
Not sure what to say about this area
garbage disposal
The countertop now prevents the dishwasher from closing (it is never used anymore). Not sure why the wall next to the outlet was cut away. That is the powder room in there and that is the new heating system installed by Horizon.
kitchen area
The original heater was contained  in the ceiling and to the right was a
new heater
The way Horizon Services left their finished work.
Nice job
The 'closet' next to the heater. I don't believe there is enough room now to remove the heater from the closet without bumping against the heater. At one time there was a door that closed off the area.
water heater
the laminate floor is no longer perfectly smooth and flat. Not sure about residual water, mold underneath.
The Floor
Work area opposite the sink and refrigerator. Customer would really, really like a microwave above the stove/oven to provide more counter space.
Oven area
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